J.C. Baldwin Construction Company is renowned for our construction expertise in geotechnical applications, landslide stabilization and earthquake repair, bluff retention systems, shoreline stabilization and seawall construction, coastal engineering hydraulics and hydrology, building foundation repair and stabilization, and drainage repairs.

Shoreline Stabilization & Protection

Another of California’s most precious natural resources is the coastline that is such an inherent part of our lifestyle. California’s beaches are world famous, and protecting the natural beauty of our shoreline has been the backbone of J.C. Baldwin’s business since our inception. Development along the coastline is a subject that affects not only those who chose to live there, but also everyone who wishes to access our beaches, whether for surfing, swimming, fishing, or just playing in the sand. Unfortunately coastal development has resulted in conditions that are sometimes detrimental to the natural processes that not only created our beaches, but sustain them as well. We take great pride in working with others who strive to take a balanced approach to protecting structures and maintaining a coastal environment that we will all be able to enjoy for this and future generations.


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