J.C. Baldwin Construction Company is renowned for our construction expertise in geotechnical applications, landslide stabilization and earthquake repair, bluff retention systems, shoreline stabilization and seawall construction, coastal engineering hydraulics and hydrology, building foundation repair and stabilization, and drainage repairs.

Landslide Repair & Slope Stabilization

Landslides can range from a small superficial slump of just a few cubic yards of earth sliding down a hill creating a costly inconvenience to a homeowner to lateral and vertical movement of millions of cubic yards of earth which can wipe out homes, roads and bridges, and other structures, costing millions to repair. Some landslides, typically large block type failures, can be assessed by qualified geotechnical engineers, monitored and stabilized before large scale movement results in a catastrophe. Other failures, such as mud slides and debris flows typically occur with little to no prior warning as a result of heavy rainfalls saturating unprotected slopes and hillsides which may have been left barren as a result of fires of other natural or man-made activities. Regardless of the failure type, once large scale movement begins, there is often little to do but get out of the way.

J.C. Baldwin has reconstructed slopes that failed using conventional earthmoving techniques and stabilized landslides prior to catastrophic failure occurring using a wide range of methods. We work with geotechnical engineering firms and geologists to assess a sites condition for constructability and access and work with the property owner to provide a solution that will work within their budget and time constraints.


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