J.C. Baldwin Construction Company is renowned for our construction expertise in geotechnical applications, landslide stabilization and earthquake repair, bluff retention systems, shoreline stabilization and seawall construction, coastal engineering hydraulics and hydrology, building foundation repair and stabilization, and drainage repairs.

Drainage Repairs

Water has a tendency to find its path of least resistance, which means that it will go where it wants to go, and will often infiltrate into areas that can cause damage to foundations, landscaping, surface improvements, and can even contribute to other types of ground movement such as landslides, ground heave and settlement that can damage foundations and structures. The biggest challenge to implementing successful drainage repairs is finding the source of the water, however whether the source can be located or not, there are many methods available to direct the water away from its path of destruction. J.C. Baldwin has experience installing drainage fabrics and geotextiles, drainage pipes, hydroaugers, wick drains, and constructing culverts and swales and other surface drainage improvements to remedy nearly any type of condition.


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