J.C. Baldwin Construction Company is renowned for our construction expertise in geotechnical applications, landslide stabilization and earthquake repair, bluff retention systems, shoreline stabilization and seawall construction, coastal engineering hydraulics and hydrology, building foundation repair and stabilization, and drainage repairs.

Building Foundation Repair & Stabilization

Damage to building foundations accounts for billions of dollars in cost every year, whether it be from expansive soils, settlement, landslides, earthquake damage or just improper construction. Building foundation types range from simple shallow spread footings to large mat slabs and drilled caissons. J.C. Baldwin understands that any structure depends on its foundation for proper performance of the entire structure and all its components. J.C. Baldwin has the technical capability to modify, improve or install all types of foundations and stabilization methods and has developed teaming relationships with structural and geotechnical engineering firms that can provide appropriate designs, including preparation of preliminary and final plans and assist with submittals to the proper agencies.


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