J.C. Baldwin Construction Company is renowned for our construction expertise in geotechnical applications, landslide stabilization and earthquake repair, bluff retention systems, shoreline stabilization and seawall construction, coastal engineering hydraulics and hydrology, building foundation repair and stabilization, and drainage repairs.

Bluff Retention Systems & Stabilization

Southern California is well known for the steep terrain that is typical of our neighborhoods. Homes built on hillsides offer views that increase property values tenfold and are the backbone of the California lifestyle. Unfortunately, whether due to natural erosion, weathering, clay seams, bedding plane faults, or other inherent instabilities, or even man-made conditions such as over-steepening of slopes during development, many homes and structures built adjacent to bluffs and steep hillsides have been found to be at risk of damage and even potential demolition.

Once a property is developed, access to the areas requiring stabilization becomes even more problematic, and this is where J.C. Baldwin’s expertise becomes invaluable. Having the know-how and the experienced staff and equipment on hand to do the work is essential to allowing us to respond to emergency situations if necessary.


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