J.C. Baldwin Construction Company provides a complete range of construction services for geotechnical applications, bluff stabilization, coastal seawall protection, landslide stabilization and earthquake repair, and hydrology engineering, specializing in earth science disciplines. Listed below are our primary Service Area categories – click on a category to view representative projects in that category, and click on individual projects for specific details of work performed.

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Tieback Wall – Aliso Viejo, CA

When a row of homes at the top of a slope experienced distress and movement of rear yard improvements due to slope creep, J.C. Baldwin Construction was retained to install a grade beam and tieback wall on the slope above a busy roadway and below the homes. They graded an access road on the slope face, installed and tested over 100 tiebacks and installed a cast-in-place grade that was sculpted to provide a natural look.


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