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Shoreline Stabilization – Solana Beach, CA

The Pacifc Avenue Shoreline Stabilization project was a 37' high and 360' long tieback wall in the city of Solana Beach built under emergency permit conditions to protect the homes on the upper bluff.

J.C. Baldwin was contacted by TerraCosta Consultants to work with the eight bluff-top homeowners and the City of Solana Beach to construct the wall and perform the backfill operation to shore up the endangered homes. The project consisted of (103) 75' long, 345 kip tieback anchors, 935 cubic yards of 5,000 P.S.I. concrete and keyed 3' into bedrock. The 13,300 square foot wall was rock sculptured and colored to simulate the surrounding bluff.

Immediately following the wall construction we proceeded to perform the upper bluff portion of the repair which was a 5,075 cubic yard 1:1 Geogrid reinforced slope. This consisted of over 6,000 square yards of tensar Geogrid embed 3' into a concrete grade beam at the rear of the slope. When the job was completed, the upper and lower bluff repair was nearly invisible to the untrained eye.

CLIENT:   TerraCosta Consultants



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