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Shoreline Protection – Point Loma, San Diego, CA

The Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant (PLWTP), owned and operated by the City of San Diego, has been experiencing ongoing coastal erosion since its original construction in 1963.

By 1984, stone revetments had been placed at the base of approximately 50 percent of the bluffs supporting the site facilities. The City recognized that as erosion continued to encroach upon improvements at the PLWTP, it had become necessary to upgrade the coastal protection in the vicinity of the PLWTP to mitigate any further erosion and disruption caused by wave damage. J.C. Baldwin was retained as the general engineering contractor to provide construction for the coastal protective works ultimately proposed for shoreline stabilization in the vicinity of the PLWTP.

This project included (125) 90' tiebacks, a 150'-long reinforced earth wall and approximately 1,000 yards of 5,000 PSI decorative shotcrete carved and colored to match the existing coastal bluffs.

Following construction, the PLWTP was awarded the Outstanding Project Award from the California Geotechnical Engineers Association (CGEA), and the Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Award from the San Diego Section of ASCE.

CLIENT:  City of San Diego Water Utilities Department



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