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Roadway Widening & Landslide Stabilization – Dana Point, CA

The Stonehill Drive Improvement Project consisted of the widening of Stonehill Drive to include two additional traffic lanes. Construction of the project by the City of Dana Point was nearing completion when a landslide was discovered to exist within the 65-foot-high roadway embankment cut. The City immediately stopped work and buttressed the recently-cut slope to reduce future landslide movement. The City then elected to solicit for a design-build for the stabilization of the landslide and completion of the road work. J.C. Baldwin Construction (JCB) hired Group Delta Consultants, (GDC) to prepare complete plans and specifications for the landslide and completion of all road work.

GDC was Engineer-of-Record for this competitive-bid, design-build project, as a consultant to JCB. JCB's approach to the stabilization project of the slope involved the installation of 143 high-capacity, permanent tieback anchors to stabilize the slide mass, as well as construction of a 60-foot-high, 1.5:1, geogrid-reinforced earth buttress. The design, which was reviewed by the City's geotechnical consultant, was judged to be the only responsive design.

Movement of the landslide mass was also monitored by the use of slope inclometers. Since completion of construction, continual monitoring of the slope has indicated that landslide movement has been stopped. This fast-tracked, design-build landslide stabilization project received the Outstanding Project Award from CGEA, and a letter of Commendation from the City of Dana Point for the rapid resolution of a politically-sensitive public improvement project.


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