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Earthquake Damage Reconstruction – Redondo Beach, CA

The King Harbor Mole "B" Earthquake Damage Reconstruction Project, owned and operated by the City of Redondo Beach, experienced "liquefaction" and severe settlements during the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake.

J.C. Baldwin Construction (JCB) was retained as the general engineering contractor to provide construction which includes demolition; soil pressure grouting and vibrocompaction with stone columns; demolition and reconstruction of damaged utilities and sewer pump station; demolition of existing failed restroom and shower buildings; reconstruction of an existing failed seawall; and construction of a new paved parking lot with curbs, gutters, and drainage facilities. A new boater's lounge and shower facilities was also constructed.

During construction of the King Harbor Mole "B" Project, JCB maintained and provided both temporary restroom and laundry facilities. In addition, JCB provided temporary floating access docks installed to the permanent docks in the marina. This enabled the boaters to access their boat slips and permitted usage of facilities during the project.

Following completion, this project was awarded the Outstanding Project Award from the California Geotechnical Engineers Association (CGEA).


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