ABOUT J.C. Baldwin Construction

Established in 1976, J.C. Baldwin Construction Company is recognized throughout California as a premiere general engineering contracting firm that offers a wide range of engineering and construction services. J.C. Baldwin Construction is renowned for constructing high profile projects that are both highly visible and "unseen" in Southern California, building seawalls and coastal bluff enhancements that blend aesthetically into the natural environment. We provide a wide range of construction services and have the skill sets to take on any type of challenging project.


J.C. Baldwin Construction Company specializes in construction projects that involve the earth science disciplines. In addition to conventional construction services on transportation, port and harbor, commercial/industrial, residential and water-related projects, we specialize in offering our clients geotechnical, geological, riverine, and coastal construction services which are unique to geotechnical, structural and civil engineering firms. Common to all of these disciplines is the soil that provides the foundation support for virtually all engineered improvements. The type and consistency of the soil also plays a critical role in the evaluation of coastal erosion and erosional processes within natural alluvial channels that are common throughout all of California. We maintain a highly trained staff and a wide range of specialized equipment that enables us to work on projects with extremely limited access as well as larger projects including working in the most challenging environments.


Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, as well as an insight into the construction issues that may affect their project. We work intimately with the design team and the client to suggest economical measures for integrating the effects of existing site conditions into the design of the project and rely heavily on our many years of experience to help our clients achieve their goals efficiently and economically. It has been our experience that this contribution from members of the Baldwin team provides a better-built product which allows our team to take pride in their achievements.


J.C. Baldwin Construction Company's staff currently includes professional equipment operators and well-trained construction personnel. We offer extensive experience in geotechnical, structural, civil, coastal, and hydraulic construction in California and also maintain a California licensed Civil and Geotechnical Engineer on staff to assist our clients and provide consultation on projects. Our philosophy is that well-experienced construction engineers and construction personnel can evaluate complicated projects and then provide safe and economical construction recommendations for those projects.

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